John Aiyede is an energy enthusiast, an economist cum policy analyst. His interest ranges from energy, development and policy. He is a season researcher and a prolific writer with several published articles to his credit. He has lead and still leading several energy-based initiatives.

He is a firm believer that social reengineering and change must start at the grass root in other for a nation or a people live out their dreams. His passion for social change led him to volunteer extensively in several Non-profits. He is an alumnus of Tolerance Academy, a Fellow at Literacy Education and Empowerment for Development (LEED Nigeria) and Local Coordinator at African Student for Liberty (ASFL).

He holds a diploma in electrical/electronic engineering as well as a bachelor degree in economics from the prestigious University of Ibadan where he currently pursues a Masters in Energy Economics. He is also a recipient of World Bank certificate in Development Financing. John is got a knack for reading and travelling.